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What We Can Do for You

Packaging and Assembly

Discover TRACS Pacific's tailored packaging and assembly solutions. Our adaptable services are designed to meet your unique requirements, from personalized labeling to custom container sizing. Equipped with multiple assembly tables and tools, our distribution centers ensure swift and efficient product assembly. No order is too small or large; we offer rapid implementation and turnaround. Connect with us now to explore how we can elevate your business. Learn more here.

Global Presence

We maintain professional management & staff in many countries worldwide who oversee your project from product development, to pricing, logistics, and financing.

Product Launch & Development

We'll help you conduct cost analysis, design your packaging, and understand the key production components to bring your product to market.

Global Sourcing & Manufacturing

Coupling our strengths in western design and engineering with our experience in our own offshore manufacturing, we can tool for OEM ideas or outsource to another trusted factory.

Quality Control

With factory-based management, we employ 3-stage production inspections so nothing is missed or missing and there are no surprises after shipment.

Market & Export Services

We use our sophisticated distribution channels worldwide to tap into the wealth of trans-global retail contacts to establish the best packaging, pricing and distribution method for your product. 

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